21 Julai 2010

Yuda Hair Growth (Rawatan Rambut Botak)

This product is effective to treat and prevent hair-loss and alopecia. It can prevent hair-loss promptly and is the pioneer to cure hair-loss. You will be satisfied with its effect after use. Specification- 60ml/*3 Bottles

*More than ten kinds of purely natural and traditional Chinese herbs grown in the sacred place Shangri-la of Diqing City, Yunnan Province. 100% pure herbal, no side effect.
*Highly effective ingredients extracted under high tech bioengineering

*Unique formula and strict selection of materials
*Prevent hair -loss, increase hair growth
*Improve the activity of hair growth cells and its conditions.
*Mild, safe and free of toxicity, does not hurt your skin.

Main Ingredients:
Ginseng Extract, Chinese Angelica Extract. Polygonum Multiflorum Extract

1. External use only.
2. Only use on scalp
3. Store in cool, sun block condition..

Usage and dosage:
1. Twice a day (morning and evening), 1ml each time (spray 5~6 times)or according to the circumstances.
2. Keep hair and scalp dry, used on the bald area.
3. One packing for 3 months, do not interrupt.
Treatment period:
7-10 days, no hair loss!

15-20 days, grow new hair!
25-30 days, you can see the new fresh hair!
90 days, you will own long, thick and healthy hair! One set is for three month!

Price: RM180 (stok 3 bulan)

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